Jesus Gil Eparalele Silochi

Jesus Gil E. Silochi was once a Science Student in Colegio Claret the Malabo. Today he is  an Experienced Information Technology Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Web development, SQL Databases, Management, Ivanti, Tableau, and  Strong […]

Ofelia Ebesi Ropo

Ofelia Ebesi Ropo is a young student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Business at the National University of Equatorial Guinea. During her academic journey, she has to overcome a lot of challenges which she overcame over time with hard […]

Olivia Garcia Berniko

Olivia Garcia Berniko, is a computer engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and has a Master’s degree in Information Science and Technology, specialising in software engineering from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She has been decorated with the Knight’s Medal of the Order […]