Carmela Catalina Modu Asumu,

Position: Therapeutic Pedagogue

Carmela Catalina Modu Asumu, Therapeutic Pedagogue, studied a degree in Primary Education Teacher, specializing in Special Educational Needs and Attention to Diversity.

She has professional experience as a T.P. in special education centers and ordinary centers. She has worked for the last five years at Maria Cano School (Malabo, Equatorial Guinea) with children with different special educational needs, providing them with levels of support and psychoeducational intervention.

Currently, she is specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has also worked with young people with intellectual disabilities from 16 to 20 years old in their Transition to Adult Life stage through a daily skills support program.
Dedicated specifically to Special Education, she advocates the possibility for the person with a disability to develop as normal a life as possible, recognizing the same rights as others and offering them the relevant services so that they can develop to the maximum their possibilities and live a life as adapted as possible. Its priority as a professional is the normalization of students with Special Educational Needs and integration as a working method to achieve it.


Carmela Catalina Modu Asumu,

Therapeutic Pedagogue

Carmela Catalina Modu Asumu, Therapeutic Pedagogue, studied a degree in...


Position: Youtuber & Electronic Systems Engineering Student

My parents called me Asunción Bueneke Ndjé, I say my parents because I love to be called Monanga Bueneke, for me it has more weight. I am 26 years old, I am Equatoguinean from Punta Mbonda.

I spent my educational period in La Salle high schools, both in Bomudi (where I did my primary studies) and in Lea (where I studied ESBA and Baccalaureate). Both institutes were located in the continental region, Bata.

With 19 years I came to Spain to study, I want to emphasize that I am a lover of technology and much more of the inexplicable things, so I chose to study engineering in electronic systems, is what I am currently studying. Besides I did a fp in Madrid, a vocational training in telecommunications and computer systems, that is, I am a technician.
I have also done several courses in web programming, in fact I have a master’s degree in layout and web design.

In my free or not so free time I make videos on YouTube, giving a little to know what Equatorial Guinea is. My channel that has my name, Monanga Bueneke, has been on since 2017.



Youtuber & Electronic Systems Engineering Student

My parents called me Asunción Bueneke Ndjé, I say my...


Position: Technical Mining Engineer

“My name is Placida Esono Eyenga, namesake of my dear mother Placida Eyenga. I was born twenty-nine years, a few months and several days ago, on a perhaps not so hot Sunday in September 1991. Although I am the seventeenth of my group of brothers and sisters, my birth was highly desired by my parents, so much so that they stamped it as my nickname.

Like most on the island, I started school at the age of five, at the Jesus Maria de Alcaide School (or Lampert as it is now called). I remember that I dreaded talking to my teachers and other children and that I hid in the back row during the end-of-year performances so that my father, always punctual and proud in the first row of parents, would not see me singing and making a fool of myself, or so I thought at the age of 6. I was good at math and not so good at foreign languages, but that didn’t stop me from practicing the sounds and my “versions” of English and French after class with my sister Sandra. We sounded exactly like “Those Are Reebok or Those Are Nike.”

I became a teenager and spent my first year of high school in Colegio Santa Teresita, there in the area of the old and missed Tarbay, where all our parents bought our Three Kings gifts. The following year at the age of twelve, and because of the equivalences between the Equatoguinean and the Spanish system of studies, I was admitted to the first year of ESO at the Spanish School in Malabo, after my first “recruitment” interview with Pepe Gangoso, the director of the school. 

Throughout high school and Bachillerato I tried theater, poetry, literature, arts and crafts, music, and entered as many contests as I could; I won several and lost many, but I had fun and learned what I was not good at and what I was good at. But still, it was difficult to decide my professional future because multiple other options crossed my mind. I won Chemical Engineering, but in the end, after passing the Spanish entrance exam, I won a scholarship to study Mining and Energy Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. 

There in Europe, so far away from home, I fell in love with the idea of traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I trotted around several cities in the Iberian Peninsula, went up to Paris and moved to Norway for a few months at the end of my degree.

 I graduated as a Mining Engineer with a major in Energy Resources, Fuels and Explosives and I was debating for a while whether it was time to return to Malabo to work or if I should continue studying. I decided to continue studying and applied for the Master in Energy Engineering at my University, but when I went on vacation to the island before classes started, I was interviewed by Schlumberger, and I got a job for when I finished the Master. I returned to Madrid to continue my studies.

 There I would meet a large number of people from different cultures and backgrounds from whom I could learn a lot. After passing several tough exams and the defense of my thesis, I graduated from the master’s degree with a major in Oil, Gas and Coal and started my job at Schlumberger.

 That turned my life upside down. The trips were constant and the situations to solve were complex, but I met a group of great professionals, who became friends that I still keep and value today. Working in such an international environment made me value more and more the importance of living in the moment and keeping the connection with family and friends, because I would not always have them close by.

 Between 2015 and 2016 I worked as a field engineer in Texas and Mexico, on land and deepwater oil and gas drilling rigs, and in Laboratories and Fluid Plants, with long and intense shifts.

In 2017 I worked in Thailand and Vietnam, this time on oil and gas production platforms, offshore and in department fluid labs.

From 2018 I moved to the Sub-Saharan Africa area, I was in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), Cameroon, Ivory Coast and in Ghana managing oil well drilling projects with tools.

I also had to manage the material and financial resources for each of our projects in the area and deal with the technical personnel we needed to execute them.And although it has been almost six years since I started my professional career, it is still to continue for many more years, with projects and plans to contribute to the development of my country.”


Technical Mining Engineer

“My name is Placida Esono Eyenga, namesake of my dear...

Jesus Gil Eparalele Silochi

Position: IT developer - Database Administrator at Marathon Oil, Cofundador -

Jesus Gil E. Silochi was once a Science Student in Colegio Claret the Malabo. Today he is  an Experienced Information Technology Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Web development, SQL Databases, Management, Ivanti, Tableau, and  Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Information Technology from BlueCrest University college. Jesus Graduated in 2017 and since then he is been working in Marathon EG production Limited

He is currently working as a Database Administrator and developer in marathon oil and proactively manages and delivers IT and business process improvements that allow the business to operate with increased effectiveness

During his time in Ghana, Jesus got a certification from IBM Application Security Engineer Mastery Award. That certification was crucial when he applied as an IT Developer in Marathon Oil

“Sometimes I get asked about what I love about being an IT professional. Well I really can’t tell. I remember one day a client approached me to solve a problem and I had no idea about a possible solution, and I couldn’t just quit. At the end of the day, I was able to provide a solution. That was so satisfying. That is why IT is so interesting” he said


Jesus Gil Eparalele Silochi

IT developer - Database Administrator at Marathon Oil, Cofundador -

Jesus Gil E. Silochi was once a Science Student in...